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2014 Q1

Bank Resolution

The First Quarter 2014 issue of Banking Perspectives explores the complex issues surrounding the establishment of a workable resolution framework for large, complex financial institutions. A resolution framework is needed address remaining concerns surrounding "too big to fail," but establishing a credible framework is an enormous challenge. In the issue, Gregory Baer, managing director and general counsel at JPMorgan Chase, explores the FDIC’s single-point-of-entry resolution strategy. Meanwhile, Thomas H. Jackson from the University of Rochester, proposes an alternative to resolution by amending the bankruptcy code. On a related topic, Randall D. Guynn and Reena Agrawal Sahni from Davis Polk argue that the FDIC should clarify Single Point of Entry as its "preferred path" for Title II resolutions. The first quarter issue also includes articles on international coordination for large bank resolutions, the role of financial market infrastructures during resolution, the multiple point of entry alternative, and more.