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AAP & NCP Certification

Preparing to sit for NACHA's Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam or ECCHO's National Check Professional (NCP) Exam? Look no further for comprehensive programs to assist in the formidable task of studying—and ultimately passing—the exams. Let our experienced team make it easier. 

 The Clearing House Payments Authority offers a comprehensive AAP webinar prep series to fit with your goals and schedule. These sessions are recorded as they are presented, making them conveniently available for playback if you need to review or catch up on one that you missed due to a work obligation.  

  • NCP Prep 2018 (12-Week Webinar Series) Type: Webinar
    Duration: Twelve 90-minute webinars

    The National Check Professional (NCP) designation is designed to recognize and build check expertise among payments professionals. Having an NCP on staff promotes the credibility of your team by enhancing knowledge of check operations, regulations, products and trends. Are you up for the challenge? Once you’ve made the decision to sit for the 2018 NCP Exam, registering for this prep course series is your next step! 

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