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Exam Topics and References

 Exam Blueprint    Reference Materials

The four main categories and associated knowledge areas listed here cover check payments topics that are tested by the NCP Exam. These also provide the guidelines for determining eligibility of program topics for NCP Continuing Education (CE) credits:
  • Rules, Laws & Regulations
  • Fraud and Risk Mitigation
  • Check Operations
  • Check Products

To download a detailed listing of topics, click below:

Blueprint 21021


The NCP Exam uses a number of references to enable the examinees to expand their knowledge of given regulations, rules and standards. 

Some of the references might have old revision dates due to no change to rules, regulations or standards. All of these are still relevant and currently used by the U.S. Payment Industry.

Check Return Code Handbook


Federal Reserve Check Adjustments Quick Reference Guide

Federal Reserve Operating Circular 3 | Nov 2021

FinCen Resources | FIN-2012-A010 and FIN-2016-A005

FFIEC:* Authentication and Access to Financial Institution Services and System | August 2021

FFIEC:* Bank Secrecy Act | Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual | 2014

FFIEC:* Information Security | Sep 2016

FFIEC.*Architecture, Infrastructure, and Operations | Jul 2004

FFIEC.*Retail Payments Systems | April 2016

FFIEC:* Supervisory Guidance for Remote Deposit Capture | Jan 2009

FFIEC:* Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment | June 2011

Regulation CC | Reg CC | Availability of Funds and Collection of Check

Regulation E | Reg E | Electronic Fund Transfers

Regulation J | Reg J | Collection of Checks and Other Items by Federal Reserve

Treasury Securities & Programs

Uniform Commercial Code | UCC | Article 3

Uniform Commercial Code | UCC | Article 4

X9 TR 47: Universal Companion Document

X9.100-188: Return Reasons | November 2023

* FFIEC = Federal Financial Institution Examination Council