4th Quarter 2014

Banking Perspective

The fourth quarter issue of Banking Perspective focuses on financial resiliency—striking the right balance between stability and growth.

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U.S. Payment System Recommendations

Our latest working paper, U.S. Payment System: Recommendations for Safe Evolution and Future Improvements, offers four key recommendations on evolving today's payments system.
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The Value of Large Banks

Experts at The Clearing House weigh in with a series of working papers and research studies that contribute to the debate and address common misperceptions about the U.S. banking industry.
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Banking Perspective

Fourth Quarter 2014 Issue Explores Financial Resiliency

The fourth quarter 2014 issue of Banking Perspective explores the topic of financial resiliency. How can we strike the right balance between promoting financial stability on the one hand while ensuring that the banking system can contribute to economic growth on the other?

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Service and Reliability

The reliability of Clearing House systems and responsiveness to our customers’ needs generate high levels of satisfaction.

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Mobile Payments

America’s leading financial institutions develop a new solution to address safety and soundness of digital payments.

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Liquidity Efficiency

The best of two payments systems: CHIPS combines the liquidity efficiency of a netting system and the intraday finality of a RTGS.

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Remittance Transfers

The Clearing House and SWIFT’s Payment Market Practices group updates the international community on DFA 1073 Remittance Transfer Rule.

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Payments Highlights

TCH Undertakes Effort to Develop a Secure, Real-Time Payment System

TCH and its Owner Banks announce a multi-year effort to build a real-time payments system enabling consumers and businesses to send and receive immediate payments directly from their financial accounts. This ubiquitous real-time system will address unmet customer needs and allow them to initiate payments directly from their bank accounts in a safe and secure manner.

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Education & Events

  • NCP Certification Prep Course

    The National Check Professional™ (NCP) designation recognizes professionals who are proficient in check payment knowledge.
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  • TCH Fellowship Program

    The Clearing House Association Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for its 2015 summer internship. Deadline: February15, 2015.  See more details

  • ACH Operations Bulletin

    Review NACHA’s latest ACH Operations Bulletin regarding ACH transactions involving Third-Party Senders and other payment intermediaries. See the details

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    Payments Association Professional Education

    The Clearing House offers a comprehensive curriculum on payments, as well as many supporting publications. See what's available

  • NYU-TCH Gallatin Lecture Series

    The first lecture in this quarterly series features Nobel Laureate Robert Engle, expert in time series analysis whose methodologies are featured on the innovative website, V-Lab.
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