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1st Quarter 2017

Banking Perspectives

Addressing Income Inequality:   
This issue of Banking Perspectives examines rising income inequality and the unintended consequences of banking regulations that may contribute to income disparities.

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The Clearing House

Ensuring Consistent Data Security

The Clearing House’s white paper identifies regulatory, enforcement and examination gaps relating to the data security practices of Alternative Payment Providers (APPs) and makes recommendations to close them.

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The Clearing House

Supervisory Bank Stress Test

Are the Supervisory Bank Stress Tests Constraining the Supply of Credit to Small Businesses?

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Banking Perspectives

First Quarter 2017 Issue: Regulation's Inadvertent Impact on Income Inequality

The authors in this issue of Banking Perspectives examine how restrictions that limit a bank's ability to provide credit -- coupled with regulations that have inadvertently raised the cost and lowered the availability of credit -- have had a ripple effect across the economy.  Read More



The Clearing House

Service and Reliability

The reliability of Clearing House systems and responsiveness to our customers’ needs generate high levels of satisfaction.

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Mobile Payments

America’s leading financial institutions develop a new solution to address safety and soundness of digital payments.

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Liquidity Efficiency

The best of two payments systems: CHIPS combines the liquidity efficiency of a netting system and the intraday finality of a RTGS.

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Remittance Transfers

The Clearing House and SWIFT’s Payment Market Practices group updates the international community on DFA 1073 Remittance Transfer Rule.

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Payments Highlights

BNY Mellon Announces its Participation in Real-time Payments Initiative

BNY Mellon is among leading U.S. financial institutions entering the era of real-time payments in the U.S. with its announcement that the company intends to participate in the Real-Time Payment (RTP) system being developed by The Clearing House.  Read more

Education & Events

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    Concepts 2017

    Keep up with current industry happenings and payments trends. Mark your calendar for two opportunities to attend Concepts in 2017—including our first Concepts East, coming in May!  Learn more

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    TCH Payments Authority Professional Education

    The Clearing House Payments Authority offers a comprehensive curriculum on payments. See what's available in 2017

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    AAP Prep Courses

    Join TCH for a series of courses designed to help you gain AAP certification—tangible evidence of your expertise in the field of payments!
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