Ensuring Consistent Data Security

The Clearing House’s white paper identifies regulatory, enforcement and examination gaps relating to the data security practices of Alternative Payment Providers (APPs) and makes recommendations to close them.
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4th Quarter 2015

Banking Perspective

Value of Banks to Society:                    The fourth-quarter issue of Banking Perspective takes an in-depth look at the role banks have traditionally played in helping the economy grow and society flourish.

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Banking Perspective

Fourth Quarter 2015 Issue Explores the Value of Banks to the Economy and Society

The fourth-quarter 2015 issue of Banking Perspective focuses on the role that banks play in society and they provide to the economy. Historically, the banking industry has facilitated economic growth and societal advancement in the U.S. by providing access to capital, taking deposits, and facilitating payments, among other functions.

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Service and Reliability

The reliability of Clearing House systems and responsiveness to our customers’ needs generate high levels of satisfaction.

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Mobile Payments

America’s leading financial institutions develop a new solution to address safety and soundness of digital payments.

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Liquidity Efficiency

The best of two payments systems: CHIPS combines the liquidity efficiency of a netting system and the intraday finality of a RTGS.

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Remittance Transfers

The Clearing House and SWIFT’s Payment Market Practices group updates the international community on DFA 1073 Remittance Transfer Rule.

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Payments Highlights

Groundbreaking Deal in Place to Deliver Real-time Payments in the U.S.

TCH and VocaLink have signed a contract to develop a national real-time payment services in the United States. Once complete, the system will be the most comprehensive real-time payment system ever developed.

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Education & Events

  • TCH Fellowship Program

    The Clearing House Association Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for its 2016 summer internship. Deadline: March 1, 2016.  See more details

  • Same-Day ACH: Recognize, Reduce & Manage Risk

    Same Day ACH is coming soon!  Join us to learn how to manage these risks and expand your opportunities with the NACHA Operating Rules

    See the details

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    TCH Payments Authority Professional Education

    The Clearing House Payments Authority offers a comprehensive curriculum on payments, as well as many supporting publications. See what's available in 2016

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