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Join Us for the 2022 TCH + BPI Annual Conference

We look forward to resuming the industry-leading TCH+BPI Annual Conference this Fall. Check back for details.

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Providing for the Wellness of Our Employees and Ensuring the Smooth and Safe Functioning of Our Systems

TCH’s payments systems continue to run without interruption and we remain continually focused on taking all necessary steps to safeguard the systems we operate throughout this period. Learn more.

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Find Out How Your Institution Can Provide Better Products for Your Customers on the RTP Network

Explore the Bill Pay Innovation Journey in the Innovation Center and see how TCH identified core issues, conducted design thinking workshops, created prototypes, and prepared the Bill Pay Pilot. Learn more.

RTP® Network: The New Real-Time Payments System for All Financial Institutions

The RTP® network from The Clearing House is a real-time payments platform that all U.S. financial institutions are using for payments innovation. Learn more.

Innovation Center: Explore the Six Steps to Innovation

The Innovation Center highlights new ideas and technologies that The Clearing House, member banks, industry partners and technology companies are bringing to the market. Learn more.

Advocacy Activities

The Clearing House Association is a leader in payments advocacy, maintaining its historic depth and breadth of engagement with policymakers, regulators, media, academics, and the industry.  Learn more.

Events and Forums Near You, and Online

The Clearing House is hosting a number of live and virtual events to help individuals and their organizations learn more about how it can help financial institutions of all sizes. Learn more.