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Corporate Virtual Round Table

Tuesday, April 30 at 11:00am EST

TCHPA Corporate subscribers are invited to a mid-morning opportunity to network with your
corporate peers to discuss Payments Hot Topics and Challenges they face. Register Here.

Note: This session is for corporate practitioners only.

ACH Rules Supplement #1 Available

For more information on the ACH Rules that just passed, Nacha has made a supplement available for the 2024 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines.

Those who use the ACH Rules Online should be able to access this supplement when logged in. For those who use either the paper book, or the eBook, you can access a pdf copy of this supplement under account resources, when logged into your TCHPA account.

Payments Certificates Updated!

If you’ve been using our PDF version for our Learning Paths and Certificate program it’s now time to throw those away and bookmark our Payments Certificate Programs webpage to your favorites. Our Payments Certificate Programs webpage has clearly broken up our different certificates by payment rail and laid out which sessions apply to each certificate. Have you been anxiously waiting to take the ACH Advanced Certificate Test or the Faster Payments Certificate Test? Check them both out now!