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The TCHPA team has years of experience in banking and corporate treasury management. We are direct members of NACHA and one of 11 Regional Payments Associations (RPA) serving the Payments Community.

The TCHPA team is available to answer your payments questions and provide assistance and support via phone or email. On behalf of our members, we participate in payments industry rule-making, advocate for change and encourage a migration to faster, more efficient payment alternatives.

Smith_Amy_09 22 2020

Amy Smith, AAP, CAE

Vice President and Executive Director
The Clearing House


Anne LaPine, AAP

Manager of Payments Outreach and Training

Brown_Adrian_09 22 2020

Adrian Brown, AAP, APRP

Manager of Payments Consulting & Compliance
The Clearing House


Lisa Iselli, AAP, APRP

Manager of Member Success

Ashby_Deirdre_09 22 2020

Deirdre Ashby, AAP, NCP

Payments Training Specialist
The Clearing House


Monique-Renee Canty, AAP, APRP

Payments Compliance Specialist


Stacey Gross, AAP, APRP

Payments Training Specialist

Jesse Jacobs

Member Services Specialist


Chris Poole, AAP, APRP, CUCE

Payments Compliance Specialist

Tim O'Donnell

Tim Singletary, AAP

Payments Compliance Specialist


Dawne Weis

Member Services Specialist

TCHPA Team in Action

January 26 | Virtual
MCUL Compliance Conference
Speaker: Monique-Renee Canty, AAP, APRP
Topic: All Eyes on Reg E, ACH, Payment Apps and Fraud
October 20 | Virtual
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union 2020 Virtual Payments Conference
Speaker: Adrian Brown, AAP, APRP
Topic: ACH Origination Risk Management Rules and Considerations
October 1 | Virtual
CUNA Technology Council and CUNA Operations & Member Experiences Council Virtual Conference
Speaker: Amy Smith, AAP, CAE
Topic: Electronic Payments Updates

July 29 | Virtual
Nacha TPI Home School
Speaker: Stacey Gross, AAP, APRP
Topic: Wires – Functionality & Risk Study

June 10 | Virtual
Fifth Third Bank Knowledge Day
Speaker: Amy Smith, AAP, CAE
Topic: Payments Update – Faster Payments, Tokenization and Connected Banking

March 10 | Grand Rapids, MI
WMAFP Meeting
Speaker: Adrian Brown, AAP, APRP
Topic: Electronic Payments Update

January 27 | East Lansing, MI
MSAE Operations Conference
Speaker: Amy Smith, AAP, CAE
Topic: How and When to Say Goodbye to Old Systems