About TCH
The Clearing House
Advocate for Change

Addressing issues in a measured,
independent, intellectually
rigorous and non-partisan way.
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Resource and Partner

Our executive team has the depth and experience to be a resource and partner to our members.
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Payments Leadership

Industrial-strength systems today and safe, secure digital payments for the future.
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More Than 160 Years at the Center of Banking

Established in 1853 by the nation’s leading banks, The Clearing House originally functioned as a quasi-central bank long before the Federal Reserve was formed—facilitating exchanges, setting monetary policy, issuing a form of currency and even storing vaults of gold to back settlements. More History

The Clearing House has stayed true to its core mission, today providing core payment systems that clear and settle nearly $2 trillion each day and applying expert advocacy and thought leadership resources to address issues of critical importance to the industry: safety, soundness, risk mitigation and other complex policy challenges. See Payments Leadership and Advocacy.