About TCH
The Association: Addressing Issues in an Independent, Measured and Intellectually Rigorous Way

About The Clearing House AssociationA Distinctive Legacy

The Clearing House Association is a New York–headquartered trade group with a deep legacy and tradition. Formed in 1853, it is the nation’s first banking association that today advocates on regulatory,  legislative, and legal public policy issues on behalf of  the largest U.S. commercial banks before policymakers, courts of law, and standards setters in the United States and abroad.

A Core Membership and Focused Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the unique collective interests of systemically important commercial banks are adequately addressed before policymakers. We seek to ensure a level playing field among similarly situated market participants, in which a legal and regulatory framework promotes systemic stability, economic growth, and a safe and sound banking system. Unique among trades for its sole focus on large–scale commercial banking and payments issues, The Clearing House and its Owner Banks form strong consensus positions on issues vital to the banking industry that are technically detailed and research- and data-driven.

An Analytical, Data–Driven Approach

With strong ties to the academic community and a non-partisan approach, The Clearing House often takes a lead role in the industry on addressing complex legal, financial , tax and litigation issues in the regulatory and judicial advocacy context. The Clearing House approach to advocacy and industry commentary is analytical and empirically–driven—based on data aggregation and original research.