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Associate Engineer

Position: Associate Engineer
Reports To: Director, Mainframe Support
Location: Dallas TX or Winston-Salem, NC

Position Summary:

An Associate Engineer works as a member of a high-performing, high-security, development team and applies software or systems engineering methods and techniques to the design, development, integration, qualification and/or support of products and tools within one or more limited area of expertise. These areas include but are not limited to: operating systems, mission critical database technologies, compilers, security (network and enterprise servers), server virtualization, message processing/messaging queuing, platform level systems management, release tooling/automation, and enterprise performance characterization.

Associate Engineers are involved in the full product development life-cycle from requirements gathering through design, implementation, testing and support. These products are the primary bank transfer solution, CHIPs, as well as applications for automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. Our software is written in both modern technologies (e.g. Java, C, C++, .Net) and system proprietary languages (ALGOL). Our environments include Windows, Linux, VMWare and the Unisys ClearPath Libra MCP OS environments.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Mathematics, or a combination of equivalent education and experience in Systems and Integration
  • Knowledge and ability to effectively program utilizing ALGOL, COBOL or other equivalent high-level Mainframe computer programming languages
  • Knowledge of systems tuning techniques such as messaging, queuing, database organization and disk I/O, both physical and logical
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers, users, and all management levels  

Qualifications Desired:

  • Knowledge of Unisys mainframe operating environment and utilities including:
    • ClearPath MCP Software Series, DMSII, COMS, CCF
    • SecurityCenter, ASSISTANT, NX/WebStation, NX/Services
    • OLEDB, Secure-Transport, SimpleInstall, LogAnalayzer
    • CANDE, Editor, NX/Edit, MCP based disk MIRRORING
    • Pay for use model and MIPS tracking, OPS console   
    • System PCD editor, OCManager
  • Unisys networking knowledge including:
    • TCPIP routing and addressing
    • ClearPath MCP Software Series network Host initialization files
    • NX/NET as used in ClearPath MCP Software Series environment
    • Win RPC, MQMCP
  • Storage and SAN setup and configuration skills (in particular EMC storage products and Cisco SAN switches) using ClearPath MCP Software Series System Editor for the PCD and OCManager on the OPS Console, EMC Unisphere for the EMC Vmax and Cisco Fabric manager and command line for SAN zoning
  • Intermediate knowledge of integration of EMC VMWare, Microsoft Windows Server OS and Unisys ClearPath MCP Software Series   

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Learn an area or product relying on team for domain knowledge
  • Receive task estimates typically from team leader/mentor with some input
  • Implement defined tasks that maintain and enhance code to meet changing customer/industry needs
  • Perform initial analysis of problems in defined areas
  • Assist in gathering information to aid in problem debug and resolution
  • Fix defects in defined areas of code with assistance
  • Create clear and accurate change/patch documentation
  • Write/run tests in defined product areas and document problems found
  • Software projects encompass the complete software life cycle from design through implementation Coordinates activities with other departments within the information systems division, users and vendors of system software
  • Supports the Installation and configuration of ClearPath MCP Software Series and attached ClearPath MCP Software Series devices for network connectivity to all necessary internal and external remote hosts
  • Supports the Installation and configuration of SAN storage, both disk and switches, for necessary connectivity to mainframe systems
  • Serves as an internal consultant to systems development staff for information on components of the operating system including file management routines, system performance analysis and software enhancements
  • Develops utility software to perform systems or applications related special functions 

Additional functions and responsibilities:

  •  Programs and supports mainframe related PC server and desktop scripting
  • Supports PC server and desktop configuration of applications that interface with mainframes 

Performance Standards:

  • Maintain production system uptime goals
  • Implement new software and hardware with no production impact
  • Complete assigned projects on time  

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Work is generally sedentary in nature, but may require standing and walking. The working environment is generally favorable. Lighting and temperature are adequate, and there are no hazardous or unpleasant conditions caused by noise, dust, etc. Work is generally performed within an office environment, with standard office equipment available.

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