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Core Applications Developer

Position: Core Applications Developer
Reports To: Director, Core Systems Development
Location: New York, NY or Winston-Salem, NC

Position Summary:

The Clearing House (TCH) is a payments company transacting nearly $2 trillion (USD) in digital payments every day. As the operator of core payment systems for the US, TCH is modernizing our technology by launching a new, ubiquitous, real-time payment system. The RTP® network enables innovation for financial institutions of all sizes to offer enhanced digital payment services for corporate and retail consumers. As part of our modernization efforts, we are evaluating new technology platforms for innovation while ensuring the safety and soundness of the US financial system. Balancing resiliency and reliability with innovation is a key goal for our technology team.

We are currently seeking talented, self-motivated individuals to join our technology development team in either our downtown-NYC or our Winston-Salem, NC facilities. This individual will be trained in our mainframe technologies (ALGOL, COBOL) while also leveraging newer technologies (Java, Spring, etc.) to modernize our payment systems and  applications. As a key member of our development team, this role will help bridge the reliability of legacy platforms with the innovation in our distributed systems. Individual(s) selected for this role will be in the unique position  to understand and appreciate the strengths of the legacy payment systems while introducing new capabilities in this  fast-moving industry.

The responsibilities of this dynamic position include the development of new functionality, maintenance and testing of these key applications. Team members will employ a variety of legacy and modern programming languages to enhance  application functionality, working within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process alongside various Project  Management and Business Groups. As a first step, the candidate will receive in-depth training in the legacy mainframe environment. The candidate will work on development efforts of gradually increasing scope using standard programming practices, concepts and principles.

Qualifications Required:

  • Currently enrolled or recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Experience working with one or more major programming languages, preferably Java
  • College-level project work or research utilizing an advanced programming language
  • Prior work, internship or co-op experience desired, but not required
  • Strong analytical skills in programming, problem-solving, testing and debugging
  • Willingness to work in a mixed mainframe and distributed development environment

Functional Skills:

  • Must have strong attention to detail
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers and all management levels
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts
  • Ability to adapt to various technologies and assignments
  • Flexible and willing to learn/contribute
  • Good written and verbal communication

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Learn existing mainframe platform and core product functionality
  • Design, implement, test and document solutions for core software applications and related processes
  • Perform testing to ensure viability and accuracy of implemented approaches
  • Work with Business groups, Project Management, and Quality Control to ensure successful implementations

Performance Standards:

  • Participate in technology strategy and planning initiatives
  • Successful implementation of software solutions with minor incidents
  • Provide application/database support with other developers
  • Provide testing and implementation support
  • Successful completion of all training requirements
  • Able to accept/provide direction
  • Able to complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Able to interact with other disciplines to complete assigned tasks

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

  • Must be able to view and comprehend information on a computer monitor
  • Must be able to effectively utilize a PC workstation keyboard and mouse
  • Must be able to work at a PC workstation for extended periods

Apply Below*:

  • A letter of interest describing your experience and interest in the position
  • Your resume
  • Names and contact information of three references, or three letters of reference

* Please submit a single application per position.

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