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Core Applications Developer

Position: Core Applications Developer
Reports To: Director, Systems Development Mainframe
Location: New York, NY or Winston-Salem, NC

Position Summary:

We are searching for a talented, self-motivated individual to join our Core Product development team in either our downtown-NY office or our Winston-Salem, NC facility. The responsibilities of this dynamic position include the development of new functionality, maintenance and test of these key applications. Members of this team utilize ALGOL and COBOL as their primary programming languages, and work within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process along with various Project Management and Business Groups. The candidate will work on development efforts using standard programming practices, concepts and principles.

The Clearing House (TCH) is a banking association and payments company that provides critical services to the banking industry and which has served in this capacity since 1853. Our core products encompass a real-time system process for US dollar transactions for both International and Domestic banks responsible for approximately 95% of cross-border transactions, and a network for the processing of large volumes of debit and credit transactions nationally to facilitate services including Direct Deposit of payroll and Bill Payments. TCH currently serves tens-of-thousands of customer accounts with upwards of 450,000+ transactions and $1.5 trillion per day, and 50+ million transactions with $130 billion on average for our core products, respectively.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • 5+ years’ experience with Unisys Clearpath MCP Systems
  • Proficient ALGOL and Work Flow Language (WFL) Required, COBOL is desired with corresponding ability to develop solutions on a Unisys Clearpath MCP mainframe environment
  • Proficient with the Unisys Clearpath MCP Development Environment-System/Editor, CANDE, NX/Webstation (WebEnabler), NX/Services, Programmer’s Workbench
  • Must have strong attention to detail, problem solving and resolution skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers, customers and all management levels
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision

Qualifications Desired:

  • Familiarity with Unisys Clearpath MCP Operations a plus – Operator Display Terminal (ODT) commands, MARC, Remotespo, Security, File System
  • Database programming experience with DMSII 
  • MQ/TCPIP  knowledge and experience 
  • Java knowledge and experience 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Proficiency in Unisys Clearpath MCP environment for development, ALGOL programming language and core product functionality; experience with COBOL is desired 
  • Design, implement, test and document solutions for core software applications and related processes
  • Perform testing to ensure viability and accuracy of implemented approaches
  • Support existing production systems, Operations and Quality Control
  • Identify programming and operational risks in development/production environments
  • Work with Business groups, Project Management, and Quality Control to ensure successful implementations
  • Further increase personal technical skills with Udemy and/or internal application skills training  

Performance Standards:

  • Participate in technology strategy and planning initiatives
  • Successful implementation of software solutions with minor incidents 
  • Provide application/database support with other developers 
  • Provide testing and implementation support
  • Successful completion of yearly Udemy courses and other training requirements 

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Work is generally sedentary in nature, but may require standing and walking. The working environment is generally favorable. Lighting and temperature are adequate, and there are no hazardous or unpleasant conditions caused by noise, dust, etc. Work is generally performed within an office environment, with standard office equipment available.

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