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Developing and Operating Bank-Owned Payment Systems and Services

The Clearing House operates core payment systems that clear and settle nearly $2 trillion in payments each day, which represents half of all commercial ACH and wire volume.

It is focused on safety, security, reliability, and efficiency of bank-owned payment systems and has a long history of operational resilience, having maintained operations without interruption through every financial crisis and natural and man-made disaster since 1853.

The Clearing House provides a place to foster industry collaboration and development where industry coordination is necessary. Beginning with the first U.S. check exchanges, The company has brought together banks to collaborate on key issues, including needs for the next generation of payment systems. Most recently, The Clearing House launched RTP®, a real-time payment system for all U.S. banks.

Supporting services include those offered by The Clearing House Payments Authority, a payments association with more than 1,000 financial institution members and corporate subscribers and those offered by ECCHO, which include:  check education, check advocacy, and the creation and maintenance of rules that govern private sector check image exchange for its members.

In addition to its role as an operator, The Clearing House provides thought leadership to the banking industry. It engages with decision makers, conducts research and provides expertise to guide the evolution of public understanding, public policy and legislation and regulation of payments and the financial services industry. 

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