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Bank Capital and Stress Testing

  • At a Crossroad? Regulatory Capital and Operational Risk

    Dietmar Serbee, and Michael Alix

    Basing operational risk regulatory capital requirements on banks’ internal measurements seemed logical, yet, 12 years on, we have reached an impasse. What is a possible path forward?

  • A Dramatic Departure? National Treatment of Foreign Banks

    Derek M Bush

    One of the most controversial elements of the Federal Reserve’s implementation of enhanced prudential standards for FBOs was its adoption of a new structural and regulatory requirement for FBOs with $50 billion or more in U.S. non-branch assets.
  • My Perspective

    Sally Miller

    The global financial markets have been significantly strengthened since 2008, but rules in the Dodd-Frank Act have presented profound implications for FBOs operating in the U. S.