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  • Creative Destruction in Banking

    Sarit Markovich

    Technology and the Internet are radically changing many industries, and banking is no exception. Creative destruction in banking is real, and it’s accelerating.

  • The Looming Battle over Customer Data

    Karl Antle

    The key to the future of consumer financial services is data … but not in the way most industry veterans think. Who will prevail in the consumer financial data wars: banks, startups, or consumers?

  • Ensuring Consistent Consumer Data Protection

    Rob Hunter

    During the past few years, the nontraditional payment provider market has experienced explosive growth. However, the legal and regulatory protections designed to protect consumers’ financial data may not cover all new payment products and could place personal data at risk.

  • For The Record

    Russ Fitzgibbons

    If there is a bright side to the Target, Home Depot, Anthem, and Sony data breaches, it is that virtually everyone is aware of the dangers associated with cyberattacks.