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  • My Perspective: Community Banking at Risk

    Bob Steen

    With the community banking industry at risk and facing many challenges to its business, smaller banks must offer new payment products, such as real-time payments, to further improve strong customer relationships.

  • The Future of Digital Wallets

    Kausik Rajgopal

    Digital wallets are finally entering the mainstream following a few recent major product announcements, as well as advancements in technology that allow for greater functionality. Payments, of course, are a central fixture of digital wallets and there are a few traits that all successful products possess.

  • For The Record: Reinventing Payments

    Jim Aramanda

    TCH CEO Jim Aramanda calls on the industry to deliver a next generation, real-time payments platform that will serve as a foundation for payments innovation for many years to come.

  • Is a Global Real-Time Payment System Possible?

    David Sayer

    The clamor for real-time payment systems is growing louder every day, as users expect instant, on-demand access to many service offerings. Delivering real-time payments across borders, however, is a large challenge for banks and regulators.

  • Why Is Silicon Valley Investing in Payments?

    Russ Waterhouse

    In the past few years, payment payments startups have received billions in funding from venture capital. Don Kingsborough, Managing Director of Capital One Ventures and former head of PayPal’s retail business unit, discusses why payments is attracting so much attention right now and the advantages that banks have in the payment space, with Russ Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Product Development and Strategy at The Clearing House, and Greg MacSweeney, Publisher of Banking Perspective.