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  • Regulating Bitcoin: Practical Approaches for Virtual Currencies

    Duncan Douglass, and Lauren Giles

    Although their consumer adoption has increased, virtual currencies are unlikely to become mainstream payment products unless the risks associated with them are addressed. Current approaches to regulation of other alternative payment products can serve as a useful model for mitigating these risks and consequently accelerate adoption.

  • Raising Expectations: Developments in UK Banking Standards

    Geoffrey Davies

    The UK’s Parliamentary Commission for Banking Standards recently published recommendations regarding standards and culture at large banks. These recommendations as well as an industry-led effort to form an independent Banking Standards Review Council have begun to transform and enhance standards at UK banks.
  • Mobile Payments: Ready for Primetime

    Dave Fortney

    Recent developments like Apple Pay indicate that consumers and merchants are ready to shift from plastic to mobile. However, adoption at scale will necessitate that a mobile wallet solution be able to balance customer and merchant value propositions and simultaneously gain support from incumbent stakeholders. By focusing their investments on long-term safety and soundness solutions, banks will play an instrumental role in ensuring mobile payments adoption.
  • For the Record

    Paul Saltzman

    TCH Association President Paul Saltzman contextualizes recent developments in emerging payments technology and discusses the importance of a strong risk culture.