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Supervision and Enforcement

  • Global Regulatory Standardization: A Critical View

    Dan Gallagher

    Regulatory harmonization sounds like a noble goal. But instead of facilitating cooperation among regulators from different jurisdictions, it has morphed into the imposition of one-size-fits-all regulatory standards.

  • The Elephant Beyond Basel

    Adam Gilbert, and Dan Ryan

    The U.S. largely adopted Basel III, but went further in several areas, including the establishment of leverage capital surcharges, and higher risk-based capital surcharges for U.S. G-SIBs.

  • For The Record: The Nearly Invisible Basel IV Debate

    Greg Baer

    The Basel IV debate, unfortunately, is going on outside the notice of most U.S. policymakers, most likely because Basel IV will be effectively ratified through a rule-making process by the U.S. banking agencies rather than by Congress.