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Get Up and Running with the TCH RTP® Network - Fast!

Real-time account-to-account payments went live in the U..S in November 2017, with the launch of The Clearing House (TCH) RTP network. Today, over 70% of all U.S .DDAs are already connected to the TCH RTP network, and that number continues to climb.

With so many strong use cases for the RTP network — just-in-time B2B supplier payments; B2C claims reimbursements; real-time corporate liquidity management; and pay-from-account ecommerce transactions—it’s just a matter of time before US financial institutions of all sizes adopt them as a standard. But to generate business value from these use cases, banks need to have the right solutions to connect to US real-time networks and to develop new customer experience solutions.

In this webinar, experts from The Clearing House,, Volante Technologies, and AWS will discuss:

  • The latest RTP developments, and some of the emerging benefits for adopters
  • Methods for making RTP adoption faster, easier, and less costly
  • Resources for financial institutions thinking about connecting
  • Common implementation problems and how to avoid them

     Keith Gray, VP Strategic Partnerships, The Clearing House
     Greg Lloyd, Senior Director, Financial Services & Payments Practice,
     Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing, Volante Technologies
     Moderated by: Esther Mendez, Global Banking & Payments Lead, Partner Network, AWS 

    Register Here: Live online November 17th 11:00am ET or after on demand 60 mins  


    Presented by
    Keith Gray, The Clearing House; Greg Lloyd,; Vinay Prabhakar, Volante Technologies; Esther Mendez, AWS