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The Innovation Center highlights some of the new ideas and cutting-edge technologies that The Clearing House, member banks, industry partners and technology companies are building to bring new solutions to the market for real-time payments, bill payments, consumer data privacy and more. On the following pages, you will find detailed information that covers every step of the innovation process: from defining the problem and ideation all the way through pilot and launch.

Driving Innovation on RTP: The Reinvention of Bill Pay (October 2019)


Innovation Journey At-a-Glance

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Frame the problem and identify the core business issues

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Plan and conduct research, immerse the team in research, and identify a relevant set of insights using the design thinking methodology of empathizing with the customers and creating personas. Bring together and examine insights and generate their related implications

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Generate concepts, define concept elements, and articulate customer and consumer value propositions

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Conduct rapid prototyping exercises to build low fidelity prototypes and deepen the concepts, detail customer experiences and use cases for the personas identified

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Plan and run pilots for select customer cohorts to gather feedback and iterate on the final product

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Plan launch activities, develop marketing collateral and bring the product to market for commercial use