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Design Thinking Innovation Journey

From identifying the core issue and conducting design thinking workshops to creating prototypes and preparing for pilot, the below roadmap gives a snapshot of the process we use to arrive at optimized solutions that support financial institutions and drive human-centered change in the financial services industry.

Innovation Journey At-a-Glance


Frame the problem and identify the core business issues


Plan and conduct research, immerse the team in research, and identify a relevant set of insights using the design thinking methodology of empathizing with the customers and creating personas. Bring together and examine insights and generate their related implications


Generate concepts, define concept elements, and articulate customer and consumer value propositions


Conduct rapid prototyping exercises to build low fidelity prototypes and deepen the concepts, detail customer experiences and use cases for the personas identified


Plan and run pilots for select customer cohorts to gather feedback and iterate on the final product


Plan launch activities, develop marketing collateral and bring the product to market for commercial use