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Intelligent Document Delivery via the RTP® Network

Document Exchange is a new service that will enhance The Clearing House’s RTP® network capabilities by providing easy access to documents, such as bills, invoices, and remittances in the same transaction flow with the payment or payment request. It is part of a secure, two-way communication for billers, suppliers, and providers of benefits, payroll, insurance and more.

Access to documents – not just data

The RTP® network already has capabilities for participants to send and receive information back and forth across a secure bank channel. Document Exchange takes that capability to the next level – offering easy-to-read PDF or XML documents accessible with the payment or request for payment messages for Fis to display to their customers. Businesses don’t need to push their data into an addenda record, but rather provide their customers formatted views they already use within their processes today.

Document storage and retrieval services are not new, but Document Exchange is designed for today’s digital commerce. It is an integral part of the RTP network and accessed via API, so there’s no complicated integration effort. It’s managed by The Clearing House. so you know it’s safe and reliable.

Having the supporting information – in a recognizable format – right with the transaction improves efficiency and the customer’s experience overall.

Improving the flow of commerce

Many types of businesses, technology companies and financial institutions are imagining the possibilities of having documents accessible with the immediate payment transaction:

  • A biller company sends a request for payment (RfP) with a bill to its customer
  • A supplier sends an RfP with an invoice to a buyer
  • An employer sends a credit transfer with a paystub to an employee
  • A buyer sends a credit transfer with a remittance advice to a supplier


Whether you are fully operational or just getting started with RTP payments, contact The Clearing House to explore how to add Document Exchange to your RTP offerings or digital commerce plans at We are ready when you are.