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New Rule Amendment for 12 CFR 19

The OCC has a new bulletin that addresses the use of electronic communications in all aspects of administrative hearings. Read the highlights and view the OCC Bulletin 2023 -41.

Do Consumer Financial Data Rules go far Enough?

This PYMNTS article highlights recommendations provided to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on a proposed rule that governs how consumer financial data can be shared.

Market Challenges and Growth Strategies for Financial Institutions

Wipfli LLP has published two different surveys that share insights into market challenges and growth strategies for both credit unions as well as banks. This article shares the highlights, and provides a link to both surveys.

Identification, Verification, and Authentication

Read this short FedPayments Improvement post to learn about the lifecycle and methods of online authentication.

Payments Education

Fraud Mitigation Series

Starting in January, on the first Friday of every month throughout 2024, we'll be spending a few minutes talking about fraud. These short session are about 15-minutes or less and share practical takeaways you can share to keep others equipped about these types of scams.

Take a look at when these topics will be released, all found in the Fraud - Risk Mitigation education section of our website:

January - New Year. New You. New Understanding of Fraud
February - For the Love of Money- Romance Scams
March - A Tale of Two Checks
April - Hello, Tax Season. Goodbye, Tax Fraud!
May - Protecting Your Company from Business Email Compromise
June - Not You Too! Tips to Understanding and Preventing Friendly Fraud
July - What in the World! Transnational Fraud
August - Back to School. Back to Basics. Protecting Kids Online.
September - Corporate Fraud
October - Foundation of Cybersecurity
November - Understanding Credit-Push Fraud
December - Make a List and Check it Twice. Steps to Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

NCP Exam Prep Webinar Series

Are you interested in becoming an NCP? With the prevalence of check fraud, now it's more important than ever to have someone who knows and understands checks as a member of your team. If becoming a check subject matter expert piques your interest, then I recommend you take a few minutes to view How to Successfully Become an NCP to see if this journey is for you. Our Payments Accreditations page provides you with the essentials to set you up on the road to success.

Our 2024 NCP Exam Prep Webinar Series this year starts on February 20th and is an intensive 6-week program that covers all areas of the NCP exam. Don't hesitate, registration closes on Wednesday, February 14th.

Let's Celebrate our TCHPA AAPs

Whether you're an AAP, or a Manager of an AAP, February gives us the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication required to earn this credential and the value it brings to your organization. AAP Recognition Day is Tuesday, February 13th. If you're an AAP, make sure to join us and you can be eligible to win a prize!

February In-Person Events

  • February 6th: Payments System Update: Puerto Rico
  • February 7th: Payments University: Puerto Rico
  • February 8th: Payments Risk Management Symposium: Puerto Rico

  • February Virtual Events

  • February 2nd: Fraud Mitigation Series: For the Love of Money- Romance Scams
  • February 13th: AAP Recognition Day
  • February 15th: Are you Prepared to Do Business with FinTech?
  • February 20th: Starts the NCP Exam Prep Webinar Series
  • February 28th: I want to be an AAP
  • TCHPA Resources

    • Check Breach of Warranty Claim Sample

    This complimentary member resource This complimentary member resource provides some guidance on when a warranty breach claim should be used with another financial institution. Also included is a sample document that can be adjusted to your financial institution's needs, pending approval by your legal department.

    Are you an ECCHO member? Every year we carry the most up-to-date ECCHO Operating Rule books, with new books provided the middle of each year.

    We Get Questions...

    The following is provided for informational purposes only and doesn't constitute legal advice.

    Q and A
    Q)  We have an accountholder that has had a series of ACH debits coming out of their account for several years and now is claiming that they're unauthorized. Can I ask the Originating Depositary Financial Institution (ODFI) to accept all of them back?
    A)  In 2021, Nacha introduced their Limitation on Breach of Warranty Claims, placing an official timeline on how long an Receiving Depositary Financial Institution (RDFI) has to make a claim against an ODFI for breach of the authorization warranty under the Nacha Rules. And the time limits are set by account type. (For your reference, the following information can be found in Chapter 6 of the 2024 Nacha Rules & Guidelines. Chapter 6 also provides more details.)

    Business Accounts: When we say business accounts, what we really mean, for all intents and purposes of this discussion, is non-consumer accounts. The RDFI can make a claim to the ODFI for an entry up to one year from the Settlement Date of that entry.

    Consumer Accounts: Consumer accounts are a little tricky because they have two deadlines. The first is that the RDFI can make a claim to the ODFI for an entry for up to two years from the Settlement Date of the entry. If a consumer has a series of unauthorized debits that exceeds two years, an RDFI may also make a claim to the ODFI for entries settling within the first 95 calendar days from the Settlement Date of the first unauthorized debit to the consumer account.

    When you don't have a specific scenario, that can be a lot to work through, so Nacha has a Warranty Claims Tool on their website that guides you on your specific scenario, to help you determine what you, as the RDFI, may be in a position to recover from the ODFI.

    See the FAQ on Nacha's website for answers to questions like: 'Does this rule extend or have any impact on the ACH network's return time frame for unauthorized debits?' and 'Does a timely warranty claim by the RDFI guarantee the return of funds from an alleged unauthorized debit entry(ies)?'

    Member Support

    Remember, when you need support from The Clearing House Payments Authority (TCHPA), you can reach our Member Services staff directly by calling 800-875-2242  and choosing option 5, or by emailing

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