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Payments Pulse - August 7th Edition

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Payments Pulse, August 07, 2019
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Readiness for Payments in the US - 2019 Payments Study

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ACH Rules Supplement #3 - July 2019

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CFPB / FRB Issue Final Amendments to Reg CC Regarding Funds Availability

We Get Questions...

Q and A
Q.)  What is the difference between ACH return reason code R10 and R11? I’m unsure of when to use one over the other.
A.)  First and foremost, the new ACH Rule related to the use of the R11 reason code for returning unauthorized ACH transactions does not go into effect until April 1, 2020. Thereafter, the easiest way to differentiate between the two follows:
  • R10 -  The Originator is not known to the Receiver and/or the Receiver has not authorized the Originator to debit their account.
  • R11 -  Receiver advises that an ACH transaction is not in accordance with the terms of the authorization (i.e. debited earlier than authorized, incorrect amount, etc.) For ARC, BOC or POP entries, R11 would be appropriate if the source document was ineligible, notice wasn’t provided to the Receiver, or the check used as the source document was also presented and paid by the RDFI.
This topic will be addressed during our November 21st ACH Rules Update webinar (free of charge to you as a member). We’ll also update the Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) found on the Documents on Demand page on our website (log in to view this member-only page). Worth noting, the Full Version of the WSUD provided by TCHPA not only includes ‘how-to’ instructions but also shows which return code is appropriate for each unauthorized scenario.
Have a question for TCHPA? Call 800-875-2242 (choose option 3) or email

EPN Product Showcase
August 27th l 2:00 - 2:50 pm ET

EPN, a division of The Clearing House, is the only private-sector ACH Operator in the United States and processes about half of the country’s commercial ACH volume. Webinar attendees will learn about EPN’s high-quality ACH services, low-cost processing, innovative risk management tools and personalized operational support. Find out how your financial institution can do more for less as an EPN processing customer. Register Today!

Upcoming Education

Please register in advance for all face-to-face sessions to allow our staff to arrange for meals, seating, and session materials for all attendees.

AAP / APRP Alliance Meeting (New York, NY)


Payments Risk Considerations and Mitigation (Webinar)

Concepts is Coming!

Details are being added to the Concepts web pages as they become available for the upcoming Philadelphia, PA and Grand Rapids, MI conferences. Be sure to check out the latest agendas, which include speaker names and session descriptions. Learn first-hand about the strategies, solutions and innovative payment processes that others are using to grow, compete, and improve business operations. This annual event brings together payments professionals who are looking for guidance from today’s industry experts, networking opportunities, and continuing education credits

Exhibitors (registered to date):

  • Federal Reserve Bank (MI and Philly)
  • Magic-Wrighter, Inc. (Michigan)
  • ProfitStars (Michigan)

Don’t Forget: 2019 Lakin-Hobday Award Nominations

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, August 16th for the 2019 Annual Lakin-Hobday Award, which recognizes the extraordinary contributions and characteristics of successful payments professionals who possess the qualities associated with the payments excellence award by volunteering to serve on committees and workgroups, mentoring their peers, and lending their time and expertise when asked to participate in events beyond the walls of their regular work world. Send your nomination via email to with 'Lakin-Hobday Nomination' in the subject line. Tell us why your nominee deserves to win and provide examples of their commitment to the payments industry, influence, leadership and volunteerism.

Real-Time Payments

What's in it for you?

Upcoming Events:

RTP Town Hall

Lansing, MI – August 13, 2019
Grand Rapids, MI – August 15, 2019
Join The Clearing House on Tuesday, June 11th for this half-day strategy session focused on the implementation of Real-time Payments (RTP®). Learn how RTP fits into the current faster payment trends in the United States and how this new network enhances your relationship with account holders, bringing opportunities and benefits to financial institutions of all sizes. Attendees will be provided with a framework around which to build their individual strategies for implementing RTP.

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