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The Economics and Future of Interchange

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RTP Readiness Checklist - Just Added!

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How Americans Pay Their Bills (Infographic)

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New Same Day ACH Processing Window in 2021

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Q.)   We have an account holder who is claiming unauthorized ACH transactions that posted to their account over 6months ago. He was recently released from jail and did not have access to his bank statements while incarcerated. Would this be considered extenuating circumstances in regards to making a Reg E claim? If so, how would this impact his liability for the transactions?
A.)   Consumer protections under Regulation E do not cease under any circumstance. As the RDFI, upon receipt of notice from your consumer account holder, you must still conduct your investigation and follow Reg E procedures. The timeframes for unauthorized transactions relate to obtaining a signed WSUD and returning the transaction(s) via the ACH. To determine what the Financial Institution would deem extenuating circumstances, and the account holder’s liability to provide timely notice, the first step would be to refer back to the disclosures that are provided at the time of account opening as well as your procedures.
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Why Concepts 2020?

Pets allowed. No commute. Shoes optional. It’s Casual.

TCHPAs 23rd annual payments conference…and first virtual. Presentations on Financial Crimes, Innovation, Cannabis Banking, Business Continuity, RTP, Unemployment Fraud and more. Earn Up to 10 Continuing Education Credits for AAP and APRP continuing education credits.

  • Affirmative Technologies
  • COCC
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Jack Henry
  • Juniper Payments
  • Magic-Wrighter, Inc.
  • Payrailz

Concepts 2020
October 22-23
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FFIEC Business Continuity Management

This FFIEC booklet provides guidance for examiners in evaluating financial institution and service provider risk management processes to ensure the availability of critical financial services. It has been updated to provide further guidance on pandemic planning.

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The RTP® Network - What's in it for you?

If you’ve got questions, look no further.

Why Payments Platform Modernization is All the Rage
TCH Payments Nerds Podcast

RTP Update (Webinar).
November 19, 2020
Join TCHPA as we welcome Steve Ledford, SVP of Product Management at The Clearing House for an RTP® network update. We'll review 2020 milestones, including RTP® network growth and advancements in innovation, as well as provide a look ahead at what's planned for 2021.

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