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Payments Pulse, April 07, 2021
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We Get Questions...

Q and A
Q.)  As an ODFI, how do we know which of our Originators are impacted by the recent ACH Rule change related to WEB Debits?
A.)  If an organization allows consumers to make purchases or authorize one time or recurring payments via the internet or mobile devices and directly, electronically withdraws ACH payments from their accounts (i.e., originates WEB debits), the March 19, 2021 rule likely applies to them.

The rule specifies required measures prior to originating WEB debits to a consumer account. At a minimum, Originators must use commercially reasonable means to determine that the account number to be used for the WEB debit is for a valid account (i.e., that the account is open and able to receive ACH transactions). This validation may occur through the use of pre-notes, micro deposits or commercially available services. Use of an account number with a proven history or prior successful payments may also be a commercially reasonable means for validation, depending on the circumstances.

The rule is intended to help prevent fraud on the ACH Network and protect financial institutions from posting fraudulent or incorrect unauthorized payments. Merchants and billers (and their processing partners) are in the best position to detect and prevent fraud related to payments they are initiating.

For additional information, order TCHPA’s no-charge recorded webinar titled Nacha Rule Change Spotlight: Fraud Detection Standards for WEB Debits or visit Nacha’s FAQs on the WEB Debit Rule.
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Payments Risk Management Experts Needed

Did you know that financial institutions, fintechs, processors and businesses are looking for professionals who possess comprehensive payments risk management expertise? These companies need knowledgeable and prepared staff who can respond to and mitigate emerging payments risks and threats. By earning the Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) designation in 2021, you'll become the expert that companies desire and need to have on staff. And you'll stand out against the competition. The hard-earned APRP letters are yours, going with you wherever you go.

    What Next?
  • Register for TCHPA’s APRP Exam Prep Webinar Series (Hurry! Registration closes Wednesday, May 5th) Thursdays, May 06 - Jun 17, 2021 2:00-4:00pm Eastern
  • Prep Series attendees are encouraged to visit the Nacha website and register for the 2021 APRP Exam as we will be referencing the APRP Exam Handbook (provided by Nacha) throughout the course.

ACH Contact Registry

Have you ever tried to get in touch with the ACH department at another financial institution (FI) with no results? Or, have you been forced to leave a voicemail that went unanswered? When a timely response is needed, don’t forget Nacha’s ACH Contact Registry, a resource created to make it easier for FIs to communicate with other FIs about ACH operations, exceptions and risk management.

An October 30, 2020 ACH rule addresses this very issue and requires all financial institutions participating in the ACH Network to register and provide contact information. Thanks to Nacha’s relief efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will not enforce the rule until August 1, 2021, so non-compliant institutions can still register without any enforcement action.

Want to learn more about the ACH Contact Registry and how it will make life easier for your financial institution? Order TCHPA’s recently recorded session at no charge (because you’re a member):

Nacha Registration Requirements: Third Party Senders, Direct Access and Contact Registry

ACH Boot Camp

This intensive, 3-day virtual workshop (presented via webinar) is designed to help participants become acquainted (or re-acquainted) with the ACH Operating Rules with an emphasis on:

  • Articles One - General Rules
  • Article Two - Rights and Responsibilities of ODFIs, Their Originators and Third Party Senders
  • Article Three - Rights and Responsibilities of RDFIs and Their Receivers

Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of ACH operations, origination, participant responsibilities and how to operate in compliance with the rules and avoid costly mistakes.

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Payments Education

Upcoming Sessions


Regulation E Error Resolution


ACH Boot Camp
(3 Day Webinar Series)

Be sure to check our Payments Education page as we recently added a variety of new topics (scheduled sessions and on-demand recordings). Remember, every employee in your organization is able to order and consume TCHPA’s training at no charge… because you’re a member! There are currently more than 90 titles from which to choose!

Member Support

Remember, when you need support from The Clearing House Payments Authority (TCHPA), you can reach our Member Services staff directly by calling 800-875-2242 and choosing option 3, or by emailing Although our staff is working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still available to provide the support you need in a timely manner!

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