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Federal Government ACH Reclamation Reponses Go Electronic

Effective January 1, 2023, all ACH reclamation responses must be submitted through the Automated Reclamation Processing System (ARPS) located in Treasury’s web portal.

RTP Rule Changes

The RTP Operating Rules have been updated with enhancements for the Request for Payment (RFP) warranty and establish a new process for bringing claims for breach of warranty.

Consumer Tips to Prevent Romance Fraud

Source: Nacha
According to the FBI, in 2021, some 24,000 victims across the United States reported losing approximately $1 billion to romance scams. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Nacha is providing sample consumer tips to Financial Institutions to help their customers avoid falling victim to romance scams. These tips can be incorporated into social media posts, communications to customers and other public-facing communications.
Romance Scam Prevention Tips

Payments Education

Valentine’s Day is Extra Sweet for AAPs!

Congratulations to all TCHPA AAPs, especially to new the class of 2022. You’re now part of a group of professionals with a deepened understanding of ACH rules, processing, and more. Join us February 14th to celebrate!
AAP Recognition Day Virtual Alliance Meeting

Considering Accreditation for your professional development?
Explore the journey and member resources at TCHPA Payments-Certifications Resources

ACH Origination Webinars

If ACH Origination is part of your job or you are preparing for the AAP or APRP Exams, join us February – March for:

Puerto Rico – Join us in-person!


Payments Update Puerto Rico


ACH Fundamentals

Rochester, NY – Join us in-person!


Instant Payment Readiness Townhall


TCHPA AAP and APRP Alliance Meeting


Payments on the Move Roadshow

Payments Institute (TPI) – hosted by Nacha

July 16-19, 2023

Atlanta, GA

Enter to win a TCHPA Scholarship

TCHPA will once again be giving away one TPI Scholarship, including lodging ($2350 value). Winner will be chosen at random from members who submit their request by Thursday, April 27, 2023. Qualified candidates must receive approval from their employer prior to applying. Simply email with TPI 2023 Scholarship in the subject line and confirm that permission has been granted for you to attend. One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, April 28th and provided with next step instructions.

Note: Travel, parking and other related expenses are not included. TCHPA’s scholarship covers the cost of registration and lodging (Sun-Tues nights) at the Emory Conference Center Hotel.

TPI On Campus offers intermediate and advanced-level curriculums for payments professionals looking to expand their knowledge and/or earn continuing education credits.

Learn More

We Get Questions...

Q and A


Q.)  It's no secret that when processing debits in the ACH Network the Originator is required to FIRST obtain authorization from the Receiver. Per Nacha Rules (Nacha Operating Rules, Article II, Subsection , the Originator is required to be able to reproduce the authorization for two years from the settlement date or from the revocation of the authorization. What happens though, if the ODFI receives a request for an Originator that is no longer with them and it's within the two year time period?
A.)  The ODFI is still responsible for providing that proof of authorization to the RDFI. Nowhere in the Nacha Operating Rules, is there a caveat that the ODFI is relieved of this obligation because the relationship changed. Instead, the Rules do specify what are the warranties that are put into effect for each entry transmitted into the ACH Network by the ODFI, including and not limited to the entry being authorized by the Receiver (Nacha Rules, Article II, Subsection Ideally you will have a process implemented on how to obtain proof of authorization from a previous Originator before ever being asked for one.

Member Support

TCHPA Fact Sheet

Remember, when you need support from The Clearing House Payments Authority (TCHPA), you can reach our Member Services staff directly by calling 800-875-2242 and choosing option 3, or by emailing

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