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About Secure Token Exchange

The Clearing House will soon launch Secure Token Exchange (STE), a service to manage token issuance and authentication for mobile and ecommerce transactions.

STE uses EMVCo standard tokens to stand in for actual account numbers, regardless of the payment instrument the customer chooses to use. Merchants, digital wallets and mobile apps simply store token information instead of live credentials – an effective way to protect customer account data without affecting the customer experience.

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  • Mastercard and The Clearing House Partner on Tokenization Solution

    Today, The Clearing House (TCH) and Mastercard announced they are partnering to enable TCH to provision and manage Mastercard-branded tokens on behalf of banks. The partnership with Mastercard establishes TCH as one of the first Mastercard-certified third-party Token Service Providers to enter the US market, and enables TCH to support current and future token capabilities ranging from mobile payments to remote purchases and Internet-of-things (IoT) transactions.

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