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TCH Annual Conference

TCH Annual Conference

Shelli J. Pritchard, AAP

Shelli J. Pritchard is a Bank Examiner/Payment System Risk Analyst with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC); which is an independent bureau of the US Treasury.  She has 30+ years of banking experience and serves as a senior staff member in the Payments Risk Policy Division identifying risks and recommending new or revised agency policies and guidance on emerging payment issues and risk associated with payment systems.  As a recent 2022 OCC Honorary Leadership Award winner, Shelli continues to demonstrate her leadership and commitment to developing others in roles including lead payments instructor, payments training team lead, subject matter expert and policy lead for the agency-wide payments curriculum and training incentive. Additionally, Shelli is the co-chair of the OCC’s retail payments network working group.        

As a lead instructor, Shelli possesses a strong knowledge of payments risk, understands the multiple examples of the associated risks, and can explain how operational risks in a payments-context impact a bank’s overall condition.  In 2021, Shelli was selected to lead the OCC’s newly established Payments Training Team program to expand payments systems knowledge and related OCC process competencies to address an agency-wide skill gap. Shelli and her team focused on risk-based supervision and supervisory concern approaches unique to payments activities, such as examination scoping, procedures, and supervisory record completion.  In 2015, Shelli assisted with the development of the OCC’s Payments Analytics Tool (PAT) which is a web-based Tableau platform to conduct analysis of Payments data.

In additional to educating others about payments, Shelli is also an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) which is an individual who possess a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of ACH, a deep understanding of and experience in one or more specific ACH subjects and have a broad knowledge of concepts that relate to the payments system as a whole.

Prior to working at the OCC, Shelli has gained a broad perspective of the banking/payment’s world working in six different Financial Institutions in a variety of risk management and operational roles.  Her background includes international experience as prior to working at the OCC, Shelli spent six years in Japan working for an overseas military banking company that provided banking services to activity duty military service members. 

Shelli is passionate about helping others and serves on several payments related committees and forums including helping to organize the FFIEC’s Annual Payment Systems Risk Conference. When not educating others on payments and ensuring that the banks operate in a safe and sound manner, Shelli loves talking about her new baby grandson.