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2023 ECCHO Operating Rules


Topic: 2023 ECCHO Operating Rules
Type: Audit & Compliance

Member Fee: $50
Non-Member Fee: $70

2023 Edition. Changes from 2022 include: 

Language to address the prohibited practice of routing Rule 9 claims through intermediary collecting banks
Section II (J)(6) of the ECCHO Rules was revised to address situations in which ECCHO is not timely notified of the consolidation, merger, or purchase of business and assets of one Member by another Member. 
The Federal Reserve & ECCHO Rules: Comparison of Check Adjustment Types appendix was modified to reflect new Federal Reserve adjustment types. 

With nearly 300 pages devoted to the ECCHO Operating Rules (for ECCHO members), this publication also includes another 100 pages of additional features of value to ALL check professionals, including these handy references:
Adjustment Comparison: ECCHO and Federal Reserve
Canadian Image at a Glance
Canadian Return Codes
Duplicates: Claims at a Glance
o Bank Endorsement Standards
o Payee Indorsements
Magnetic Ink Requirement on Checks
RDC Indemnity
Reg CC Subpart B Availability and Amounts
Return Codes
Rule 8 Brief
Rule 9
Stale Dated Checks