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Audits/Risk Assessments

Who better to conduct your next Audit or Risk Assessment than your source for training and answers to your processing questions - The Clearing House Payments Authority!

  • ACH Audit:
    The NACHA Operating Rules require all financial institutions to complete an ACH Audit annually. This can be done by internal staff who are not directly involved in day-to-day processing, or by an outside provider. Look to your trusted advisors at The Clearing House Payments Authority (TCHPA) to conduct your next ACH Audit. Our approach covers all required review elements and more, resulting in the most comprehensive audit experience you'll find anywhere in the industry.
  • ACH Originator Audit:
    Companies that use the ACH to move payments should be reviewed annually to ensure they are compliant with the ACH rules. This service can be contracted by the company, or by the financial institution (ODFI) to ensure compliance and reduce exposure and mitigate risk.
  • Third Party Provider Audit:
    In some cases, a third party is leveraged by a financial institution or Originator to assist in the movement of payments through the ACH. This engagement includes a complete review of the third party's role in the ACH process and its compliance with the ACH rules and federal regulations.
  • ACH Risk Assessment:
    The NACHA Operating Rules also require all financial institutions to complete an ACH Risk Assessment. Paired with the ACH Audit, or conducted as a stand-alone engagement, this review ties directly to your overall risk management program. This assessment will review access points, controls, policies, IT security and business continuity to ensure you're getting it right.

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Fees for audit services vary depending on the asset size of your financial institution and whether you are considered a "receive only" FI or offer ACH origination services as well. Contact us for a quote.