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We'll develop training to meet your specific needs and deliver it in-person at your office or via webinar. The topics listed below, and more, can be customized to meet your staff's payments education needs. Contact us to learn your options.

  • ACH for Lenders
    Do your lenders understand the credit risk involved with ACH origination for your business customers? We can lay the groundwork, explain the risk exposure, and get everyone working together.
  • Check & RDC
    Let us bring your staff up to date on all things check. From check clearing basics, to Check 21 supported images and the use of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) to speed the deposit and clearing process - we know checks and can help your team know too!
  • Payments for Branch Staff
    Your operations team may be up on ACH, checks, card payments and wire transfer – but what about your front line staff? Do your tellers have the information they need to serve the consumers and businesses you support? Can they troubleshoot for your depositors and do they know when an issue is too big to handle? Count on The Clearing House Payments Authority to provide the level of education they need to provide solid customer service.
  • Wire Transfer
    Recent changes in regulations have brought this payment system into the spotlight. This training can be customized to cover all or some of the aspects of the wire transfer payments system. From basic wire services and movement, to recent changes - we can bring the knowledge you need to understand the first electronic payment platform.

Compliance Training

  • ACH Risk & Compliance
    The ACH payment system is uniquely positioned to support innovation. But with innovation and new applications comes the risk of hosting these transactions into the payments system. This session educates your team on the various types of risks inherent to the ACH and the compliance requirements necessary to make the grade.
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
    Annual BSA training is a requirement. Consider engaging an expert from The Payments Authority to educate your team so they understand the obligations for BSA compliance. This training will help employees learn to recognize and identify potential suspicious activity.
  • Reg CC and UCC 3 & 4
    Check regulations identify requirements for funds availability, endorsements and much more. Be sure your team understands its obligations under these regulations as you navigate the payments processing arena.
  • Reg E Error Resolution
    Consumer protection is the intent of Regulation E. This specialized training ensures your team understands the various requirements related to consumer protection for electronic payments and compliance with error resolution.