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Payments Education

Balancing Innovation, Expertise & Compliance

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Duration: 60 Minutes
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Audience: AAPs, AAP Candidates, APRPs, APRP Candidates, ACH Personnel, Audit, Cash Management, Compliance, Operations, Payments Personnel, Payments Strategists, Senior Payments Personnel


The payments landscape is a slippery slope. With banks and credit unions under a microscope to ensure compliance and manage a variety of payment types, the call to innovate and keep pace with account holder expectations is louder than ever. Managing to a plan is one thing, but do you have the staff expertise to get you there? Join us for a discussion about the importance of aligning your procedures with the rules of the various payments rails, retaining knowledgeable staff, and keeping pace with current innovation trends.


Note: This recorded session was originally presented at TCHPA’s Payments University 2021.  Because it was the opening general session, the recording includes several minutes of direction for Payments U attendees relating to the two days of training that would follow.