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ACH Boot Camp Webinar Series

Type: On Demand
Duration: 585 Minutes
Date & Time:

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Member Fee: $0
Non-Member Fee: $799
Audience: AAP Candidates, ACH Personnel, APRP Candidates, Audit, Compliance, Operations, Payments Personnel, Risk

This intensive, 6-part series was developed to help participants understand the ACH Operating Rules, with an emphasis on:

• Articles One - General Rules
• Article Two - Rights and Responsibilities of ODFIs, Their Originators and Third Party Senders
• Article Three -  Rights and Responsibilities of RDFIs and Their Receivers

It was originally presented via webinar and recorded in order to make it available on demand. Attendees will gain an understanding of ACH operations, origination, participant responsibilities and how to operate in compliance with the rules and avoid costly mistakes. 

This comprehensive series is available at no charge for members!  Want to learn more about membership?  Click here to view pricing and benefits.

Note: A Certificate of Completion is available to all attendees who order and consume all six on-demand webinars and pass the test following the final session.  Those who do not answer enough questions correctly the first time should review all course information and take the test for a second, final time. Should an attendee not answer enough questions correctly a second time, we suggest that they wait a month or two, order the webinars again and start over.