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Corporate Essentials: ACH Risk Management

Type: On Demand
Duration: 55 Minutes
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Non-Member Fee: $349
Audience: Corporate Payments Professionals, AAPs, APRPs, Cash Management, Treasury

This recorded webinar addresses Automated Clearing House (ACH) risk and controls for corporate ACH Originators. Business practices,  policies, and procedures to consider for mitigating ACH risk are discussed.

NOTE: A Certificate of Completion is available to all attendees who order and consume the following on-demand Corporate Essential webinars (in order shown) and pass a test following the final session:

  • Corporate Essentials: Navigating the Payments Industry
  • Corporate Essentials: Originator Roles & Responsibilities
  • Corporate Essentials: ACH Risk Management

Certificate candidates who do not answer enough questions correctly the first time are encouraged to review all course information and take the test for a second, final time. Should the attendee no answer enough questions correctly a second time, we suggest that they wait a month or two, order the webinars again and start over.