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Corporate Essentials: Business Continuity Planning

Type: On Demand
Duration: 50 Minutes
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Audience: Corporate Payments Professionals, AAPs, APRPs, Cash Management, Treasury

We’ve always known business continuity planning is important but the last few years have provided a less-than-gentle reminder that we should expect the unexpected and do our best to prepare for circumstances beyond our control. If your business operations haven’t been impacted by COVID-19, wildfires or inclement weather, you’ve been extremely lucky.  But you may not dodge the next natural disaster and if you want to continue paying the bills (and your employees) and collecting dollars owed to your organization, you need a plan. We’ll review the core principles of building a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with a focus on corporate payments processing.  Learn best practices for navigating through uncertain times and continuing your payments operations... whether you're in the office or working remotely from home.