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3D Secure 2.0: What it is and What it Means - On Demand

Type: On Demand
Duration: 44 Minutes
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Audience: Payments Personnel, Payments Strategists, Senior Payments Personnel, Operations, Compliance, Risk, IT Personnel

Over the past few years, the explosion in eCommerce payments has been dramatic. With that increase in volumes comes an increase in fraud associated with those payments.  The roll-out of EMV in the U.S. since October, 2015 has seen a decrease in card-present counterfeit fraud but as expected the card-not-present fraud has jumped dramatically. To mitigate this fraud, VISA and MasterCard have been busy working on the next version of the 3D Secure specification that would support app-based authentication and integration with digital wallets, as well as traditional browser-based e-commerce transactions. In this webinar, industry veteran, Paul Tomasofsky, President of Two Sparrows Consulting will walk us through the key features of the new specification, describe how the specification will be implemented and help us understand how the deployment of products based on the specification will help mitigate fraud losses.