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ODFI Rules, Warranties and Responsibilities - On Demand

Type: On Demand
Duration: 166 Minutes
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Non-Member Fee: $799
Audience: AAP Candidates, AAPs, ACH Personnel, APRP Candidates, APRPs, Audit, BSA Officers, Cash Management, Compliance, Credit_Lending, General ACH, IT Personnel, Operations, Payments Personnel, Payments Strategists, Risk, Risk Managers, Sales, Senior Payments Personnel, Treasury

In this three-part webinar series, attendees will learn about Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) rights, responsibilities and warranties as outlined in Article Two of the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines.  Topics covered include requirements, handling of ACH return Entries, risk mitigation, as well as tips for maintaining an ODFI risk and compliance program.

Whether you’re new to ACH, preparing for the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam, the Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) exam, or are a seasoned payments professional looking for a refresher, this session is for you!