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Roadmap to RTP - On Demand

Type: On Demand
Duration: 240 Minutes (Four 60 Minute Webinars)
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Member Fee: $0
Non-Member Fee: $399
Audience: AAPs, APRPs, Audit, BSA Investigators_Analysts, BSA Officers, Cash Management, Compliance, IT Personnel, Operations, Payments Personnel, Payments Strategists, Retail/Frontline, Risk, Risk Managers, Sales, Senior Payments Personnel, Treasury

Understand | Connect | Implement | Operate

The Roadmap to RTP® webinar series is a 4-part program that introduces organizations to RTP®, the newest payment system to hit the U.S. in 40 years.  This program will help financial institutions, including community banks and credit unions in moving from the RTP® planning stage to execution, and includes four 60 minute webinars that address key concepts and steps related to becoming an RTP® network participant.  The Roadmap to RTP® program is ideal for those with a need to fully understand the specifics of RTP®, and are ready to move from the conceptual to the practical.

Step 1: Understand
Join us for the first webinar in this 4-part series in which we will review the functions that make RTP® unique, including its speed and extensibility.  This webinar will provide attendees with a solid understanding of the capabilities of the RTP® network.  Additionally, we’ll discuss where RTP® fits into the faster payments ecosystem, with considerations for incorporating this newest payments network into your organization’s overall payments strategy.  

Step 2: Connect 
Now that you understand the functionality and benefits of RTP®, the next step is identifying how your organization can connect to the network.  During this session attendees will be introduced to the various RTP® network participants, messaging, settlement and the different ways in which participants can connect to the network, including the role Third-Party Service Providers play.
Guest Speaker: Susan Meyer, AAP | Product Manager, Real-time Payments, FIS 

Step 3: Implement
RTP® requires the implementation of back-office processes that can support continuous processing, delivery of payment-related data and accelerated posting decisions.  This webinar will review the RTP® considerations that financial institutions will need to incorporate into their operational processes.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the requirements for handling inbound RTP® credits as well as payment-related messages.  Additionally, we will review the operational considerations for sending RTP® messages. Attendees will also learn about RTP® exception handling.

Step 4: Operate
Every payments network requires effective risk management, and RTP® is no different.  In this fourth and final webinar in the Roadmap to RTP® series, we’ll explore the risk characteristics of RTP®, including how the credit push nature of the network reduces its risk profile.  Scenarios and sound business practices will be discussed to provide attendees with tips for managing risk, while ensuring compliance with the RTP® Operating Rules, regulations and laws governing payments.
Guest Speaker: Tom Masterson | Product Risk Manager, The Clearing House