Payments Services

Operations and Service

The Clearing House is the only private-sector ACH Operator in the country, processing approximately 50% of all commercial ACH volume in the U.S. through our network. Its customers include credit unions, commercial banks, savings banks and savings and loans. 

The Clearing House’s ACH network has an unmatched record of 99.999% uptime—the five 9’s of reliability. It’s no accident that we have the best reliability numbers in the business, with our attention to system redundancy. We have a fully mirrored back-up site electronically linked to its primary operation by high-speed fiber-optic communications. Both primary and back-up data centers are supported by dual diesel generators and uninterrupted power-supply systems. 

The Clearing House has one of most experienced service teams in the business, with many representatives earning the expert AAP designation. Our customers appreciate this attention to operations and service, rating these attributes above nine on a scale of one to ten year-after year in our customer satisfaction survey. Some comments:

“The response time is fast and they are always ready to assist in resolving any problem.”
Mega International Commercial Bank

“Everyone I have dealt with at The Clearing House is always professional and extremely helpful.”
Deutsche Bank

“TCH is extremely prepared and offers good information; very attentive to our needs.”
First Premier Bank