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The Clearing House Payments Association 

The Clearing House Payments Association provides education and publications at a discount as well as other specialized services to more than 1,200 financial institutions. Several levels of membership are available for your type of business.

  • Platinum–For financial institutions that either exchange data and advice files with ACH via secured data transmission lines or utilize the services of a third-party service provider to transmit files. This service also affords members with participation in the TCH Payments Association.

  • Gold–Financial institution exchanges data files/advice files with ACH via secured data transmission lines, and is a member of another TCH Payments Association. 

  • Silver–Ideal for financial institutions that wish to be a member of the TCH Payments Association but exchange data and advice files with another ACH Operator.

  • Diamond–A company or non-financial institution that is a member of the TCH Payments Association.

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Education and Publications

You can see the full schedule of programs and inventory of publications at the Payments Association educational website. The Clearing House’s education programs, publications and support services are available to everyone. 

Audit Service

TCH offers a specialized audit service, NACHA Rules, Appendix Eight ACH Audit Services. Our experienced Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) staff will come to your site and provide a quality NACHA Rules, Appendix Eight Audit you can trust. Receive on-site training as we explain in detail the Rule requirements during the audit. In addition, we will review your procedures and controls and share industry best practices. Contact us to find out more.