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Universal Payment Identification System (UPIC)

A UPIC® is a unique account identifier issued by financial institutions that allows organizations to receive electronic payments without divulging confidential banking information.

  • Mask your bank routing and account number

  • Initiate ACH credit payments only, blocking all debit originations

  • Can be widely distributed to encourage the receipt of electronic payments (e.g. printed on invoices)

  • Look and act like bank account numbers

  • Used with the Universal Routing Number (URT) to make payments

  • May be used with any cash management system or accounts payable system

For more information, view these documents:

    UPIC Flyer

    UPIC Brochure

How UPIC Works

ACH How UPIC Works

Financial Institutions offering UPIC

  • Current UPIC transactions exceed more than 1.2M per month

  • Companies across 34 industries are using UPIC

  • Payments totaling over $778 billion (USD) have been made with UPICs

  • Banks are creating approximately 180 UPICs each month

  • 25 major financial institutions issue UPICs

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