Payments Services

Fraudulent Website

The Clearing House has discovered a fraudulent website that substantially duplicates The Clearing House site. The fraudulent site is not associated with CHIPS, The Clearing House or any of its businesses.

People who contact the fraudulent site, thinking it to be ours, may receive a reply that asks for personal information such as bank account numbers and Social Security numbers. That personal information may be used to perpetrate identity theft or to compromise the responder’s existing bank and other accounts. If you have already accessed the fraudulent site, we urge you to have no further contact with that site, and not to reply to any e-mails or other communications that you may receive from it or in response to that contact.

Generally, an e-mail that appears to be from us that asks you to enter personal information, like bank account numbers or Social Security numbers is very likely fraudulent. Again, we do not request such information by e-mail or by other non-secure forms of communication. If you do receive an e-mail from a party that you do not know or if the e-mail is otherwise suspicious, you should never reply to it, click on it, or provide any information in response.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our practices or this fraudulent site.