Payments Services


Real-time Payments is new, core industry infrastructure, like ACH, Fedwire or CHIPS.  The goal is for total ubiquity, with every U.S. financial institution connected directly or indirectly.  The system is designed for global compatibility, but will focus initially on achieving ubiquity in the U.S.

Here's how it fits together:

The Clearing House
  • Orchestrates the movement of payments and related messages to and from participants
  • Provides optional directory and token-related services 
  • Includes network-level anti-fraud alerts to supplement required FI programs that screen individual transactions

Financial Institution
  • Global banks, regional banks, community banks, credit unions…  
  • Create value-added services with real-time speed for retail, small business and corporate customers

Third Party Processor
  • Financial institutions can connect directly or through third-party service providers



Technology companies can play several roles in the RTP eco-system, including:

  • Third-Party Service Provider (TPSP):  A TPSP provides hosted RTP connectivity to FI Participants.  RTP connectivity terminates at the TPSP’s data center.  An FI Participant can also serve as TPSP for other FI Participants.

  • Channel Provider:  TCH also contracts with some TPSPs (typically core processors) to serve as Channel Providers, to assist in the RTP signup and service of smaller FIs.

  • Gateway Provider:  A Gateway Provider licenses an application that FI Participants use in their data centers to connect to RTP; RTP connectivity terminates at the FI’s data center.

  • Testing:  Some companies may develop an RTP simulator, which client can use to ensure that they are able to exchange messages that are properly formatted based on the RTP specifications. 

  • Origination Applications:  Some companies may provide payment solutions designed to originate transactions for specific use cases – e.g., bill pay and treasury management.

Our current RTP partners and service providers include:
ACI Fiserv
Cognizant IBM
D&H Icon
Deloitte Intellect Design
Dovetail Jack Henry
ECS Financial                                      Push Payments 
Evertec Swift 
FIS Volante Technologies

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