Payments Services


Keeping pace with the digital economy, The Clearing House is building an industrial strength clearing and settlement system to support Real-time Payments for the U.S.

Financial institutions can leverage  a variety of features – enhanced speed, security and messaging capabilities – to create unique offerings for their retail and corporate customers.  

Three Reasons Your Customers Will Love Real-time Payments

Payment Received
  • When customers need to make a payment at 3AM – or any other time – they can 24 x 7 x 365.  Payment status is available immediately too.
  • Once a payment is sent, it's complete.  Final.  No returns.

  •  Tokenized transactions will provide added security for customers.

  • Your customers will appreciate  new specialized services your bank creates with an extensive set of payment and non-payment messages.  This feature provides the basis for payments/commerce integration

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Everything you want to know about
Real-time Payments is in this Playbook.  

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On the Mark

The system is designed to ensure that payments are not only faster, but safer too, consistent with the CFPB's consumer protection principles and the criteria set forth by the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force.