Payments Services


This series of documents is available for download.


  • Business

    The Business Playbook provides a basic understanding of the real-time payments system and the potential for using it as a platform to develop new services. This playbook includes consideration of the involvement of various business units and specific items to consider as you develop your ideas and plans.

  • Operations

    The Operations Playbook outlines the processes and procedures that may be needed across various business areas as your organization implements the RTP system.

  • Technology

    The Technology Playbook includes technical requirements and options for implementing the RTP system.


  • RTP Operating Rules

    The RTP Operating Rules define the rights and responsibilities of Participants and TCH with respect to RTP, to ensure the safety, soundness, security and reliability of RTP, and to ensure consumer protection.

  • RTP Participation Rules

    Rules for becoming a participant in the RTP System.


  • PSP Compliance Criteria Schedule

    To the extent a PSP is subject to the application requirement set forth in the RTP Operating Rules, it shall, at all times and in connection with all RTP Payments, comply with the PSP Compliance Criteria.

  • Risk Management and Fraud Control Requirements Schedule

    This document describes the minimum level of risk management and fraud control measures that a Participant must employ in connection with the Participant's use of the RTPS.

  • UCC 4A Schedule

    This document describes the application of key UCC 4A concepts and terms to the Real-Time Payment System.

  • Requirements for Directory Service Providers

    This document describes the minimum requirements applicable to a Participant that elects to use a directory service in connection with its participation in the RTPS.

  • Requirements for Request for Payment Customers

    This document describes the due diligence and monitoring requirements applicable to Participants that TCH has approved and authorized to submit Requests for Payment.

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