Banking Perspectives

Banking Perspectives Q4 - 2016: Real-Time Payments


TCH's RTP Build on Success of UK's FPS

The payment technology implemented in the U.K. became the benchmark for payment infrastructures around the world. Here’s how the U.S. market is building on this success.


How Blockchain Could Disrupt Cross-Border Payments

The distributed-ledger technology is being tested for its ability to deliver benefits for various forms of payment.


Blockchain: The Hype, the Opportunity, and What You Should Do

New technology often sounds like science fiction. Then it’s mocked and feared. And then it seems inevitable, but only in retrospect.


How Do We Figure Out Optimal Liquidity Regulation?

Banks have some self-interest to avoid runs. But opaque and imperfect asset information makes it tricky to reassure all depositors. Must regulations demand some unused liquidity? This framework can help future discussions find the optimal level and form of liquidity requirements.

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Rodge Cohen: The Banking Industry's Counsel for over 40 Years

H. Rodgin Cohen, Senior Chairman of law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, discusses his long history with TCH, themes and trends in banking, and the post-crisis hangover with Jim Aramanda, President and CEO of The Clearing House.


Beyond Speed: The Real Revolution of Faster Payments

Payments are finally catching up to meet the needs of customers in today’s digital world.


A Real-Time Payments Brainstorm

Payments experts from across the banking industry gathered to conceptualize opportunities for TCH’s Real-Time Payments platform, which will be released in 2017.


The Power Behind clearXchange

Over the last year, Early Warning’s efforts have helped make real-time payments a reality in the U.S.


A Comment on Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance

Ask 100 people to define good corporate governance and you’ll get 100 answers. It’s time that changed.


RTP: A Payments System for the 21st Century

TCH's Real-Time Payments (RTP) system will be the first new payments system in the U.S. in more than 40 years.

TCH Bank Conditions Index

TCH has created an index that provides a quantitative assessment of the resiliency of the U.S. banking sector.

Payments: By The Numbers

A quick look at payments in the U.S.

Data Privacy: A Strategic Opportunity for Banks

Research shows that consumers trust their primary bank to safeguard their personal information far more than they trust digital aggregators and digital commerce players.

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Images from the 2016 TCH Annual Fall Leadership dinner.