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2017 Q3 Banking Perspectives - Rethinking Regulation and Supervision

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Rethinking Safety and Soundness Supervision

Banks should be monitored for safety and soundness, as well as for consumer compliance. However, the two should  be reviewed separately and the processes, guidelines, and regulations need considerable reforms.

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Improving Appeals of Material Supervisory Determinations

Financial institutions rarely use the intra-agency process to appeal bank examiner decisions. Here are three suggestions to improve the system.

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Banks’ Own Models Should Play a Key Role in U.S. Supervisory Stress Tests

Including banks’ own models in supervisory stress tests would reduce the uncertainty around capital planning, increase efficiency, and expand credit availability.

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The Transforming Role of the Bank Board

The different responsibilities of the bank board and senior management should be reflected in regulations and supervisory guidance.

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Fifth Third Bancorp's Greg Carmichael Discusses the Relationship Between FinTechs and Banks

Greg Carmichael, CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp, discusses the effect of regulations on the industry, the relationship between FinTechs and banks, and his thoughts about the future with Jim Aramanda, President and CEO of The Clearing House.

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Stress Tests: Restore Compliance with the APA

Supervisory practices at the Federal Reserve must be reformed to restore compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act, especially for stress tests.

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Structural Limitations and Activity Restrictions

Financial regulations should not protect people from business or financial risk that they knowingly choose to accept. Reform should start from this principle: Firms that absorb more of their own losses do not need to be heavily regulated.

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Why Banking Systems Today Are More Unstable than Ever

The usual two culprits named after a bank crisis happens don’t do a very good job of explaining what caused the problem. It’s time for a broader view.


Rethinking Banking’s Regulatory Framework

Regulators demand banking practices that are static and standardized, which hurts innovation, competition, expansion, and change.

TCH Bank Conditions Index

A quantitative assessment of the resiliency of the U.S. banking sector.

Are Banks Special? A Re-Revisitation

The conclusion that E. Gerald Corrigan reached in 1982 – that banks are special – is still true today. It’s worth revisiting his work for a second time.

Research Rundown

Highlights from academic research on banking issues.