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2017 Q4 Banking Perspectives - The Road to Faster Payments

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Consumer Data in an API-Enabled World

The concept of open banking – the API-enabled environments in the Eu and U.K. – is advancing globally. Australia, Canada, and Singapore are debating open banking regulatory proposals. How should the U.S. banking industry view this prospect?

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Solving The Problem of B2B Payments

Although other payments have evolved rapidly, business-to-business payments still seem to dwell in a Stone Age of innovation and efficiency.

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Is Blockchain Technology Right for Banking?

 Distributed ledger and blockchain technologies hold much promise for the industry, but still need to prove themselves.

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What Is a Bank?

SoFi, Square, Varo, and other FinTechs raise basic questions about what it means to be a bank.

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State of Banking: BNY Mellon's Gerald Hassell

Gerald Hassell, the chairman of BNY Mellon, discusses the growing importance of technology to the financial industry, the impact of low interest rates on the economy, and events that shaped the industry and his 44-year career at BNY Mellon with Jim Aramanda, President and CEO of The Clearing House.

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Why RTP Matters: 5 Perspectives on the Future of Faster Payments

Five constituents involved in the payments ecosystem discuss the value of real-time payments and what that will mean to the banking industry and its customers.a

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Support Real-Time Payments

The use of AI in the payments industry promises to reshape how customers and transactions are monitored and analyzed, especially as payments move closer to real time.

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As Real-Time Payments Rise, Payment Hubs See a Resurgence

After a false start early in the century, payment hubs are becoming an essential part of banking.


Faster Payments: The Road to 2020

TCH’s RTP will provide banks with the ability to better serve customers in today’s real-time economy.

Featured Moments

A selection of images from the 2017 Fall Leadership Dinner.

Research Rundown

Research from Around the Industry: Academics, Think Tanks, and Regulators

Rethinking the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

The structure of the Basel Committee is well overdue for a rethinking, as the impact of its work has gradually decreased in relevance.

TCH Bank Conditions Index

A quantitative assessment of the resiliency of the U.S. banking sector.