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Payments Nerds Podcast

April 03, 2020; Event

We’re proud to be payments nerds. We love sharing perspectives on all things payments. The
Payments Nerds podcast features expert guests who explore the most important issues, topics and trends to
consider in payments today.
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Past Events

Developing a Business Case for RTP

January 11, 2018; Webinar

The arrival of the RTP network in the U.S. will change the way payments occur. Financial institutions across the country are in various stages of implementing RTP into their overall payments strategy. In addition, many that are in the early stages of identifying the opportunity that RTP will present to their organizations. Join us for a webinar that will discuss the factors that financial institutions should consider while developing a business case for RTP implementation.

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RTP Implementation: An Early Adopter Case Study

February 08, 2018; Webinar

With thousands of financial institutions that will be participating on the RTP network, the implementation experience is on everyone’s mind. Register for this webinar to hear how one bank took a journey from an environment dominated by batch processes to the brave new world of real-time payments. Attendees will hear about the lessons learned and advice for those institutions that have yet to implement RTP.

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RTP Network Rules: Compliance and Enforcement

March 01, 2018; Webinar

Every payment network has a legal framework under which it operates. RTP is no different. Join us for an in-depth review of the network participating and operating rules. Attendees will earn about the responsibilities for both sending and receiving RTP messages and the requirements for financial institutions wishing the access the network. In addition, attendees will also learn about the rules enforcement nature of the network.

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