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FI Leaders Launch New Streamlined Data Sharing Risk Assessment Service

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“Get My Payment" FAQs

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ACH Volume Climbs 8.9% in 4Q 2020 (infographic)

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Same Day ACH Dollar Limit: What’s Next

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Reduce Risk and Manual Processing. Gain Transparency for ACH and Check

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Q and A
Q.)   One of our ACH Origination customers is getting ready to distribute annual bonuses and some are rather large. What is the maximum dollar amount allowed per transaction?
A.)   The size of the field that holds the dollar amount of a transfer through the ACH system is 10 digits (8 digits for the dollar amount and 2 digits for cents). So there is a maximum amount of $99,999,999.99 for a PPD transaction (2021 ACH Rule Book, page OR108, PPD Entry Detail Record, Field 6). Keep in mind, the answer is different for Same Day ACH transactions as the current per transaction limit is $100,000.
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2021 Risk Assessment Resource

This just in… TCHPA’s interactive electronic document (in PDF form) provides instructions for completing the ACH Risk Assessment as required by the ACH Rules. It includes an overview of documents required, procedures and best practices for completing the risk assessment, with areas to record documents reviewed and interviews conducted, as well as document comments, suggestions and identified findings. The ACH Risk Assessment Resource is designed for both financial institutions and Third Party Providers/Senders.

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AAP Prep Talk: Steps to Preparing for the 2021 Exam

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