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RTP Use Cases


Merchant Funding


Merchants typically wait days to receive funds for card transaction sales due to common payment processes that do not match the needs of modern-day business owners. The lag in payments often results in cash-flow problems for many small and mid-sized businesses.


Real-time payments over the RTP® network allows merchants to receive their funds for card transactions on any day, at any time, improving cash flow, removing payment delays, and reducing the amount of financial stress related to slower payment methods.

Merchant’s normally receive payments from their card transactions through a merchant payment processor that makes the payments through the ACH network. These sources of payments, however, come with constraints. ACH payments are limited by processing and settlement windows and can take days to reach a merchant’s bank account. Revenue from sales that happen on a weekend or over a holiday may not land in a business owner’s bank account until three or four days later. Real-time payments over the RTP® network removes these limitations for a business owner.

Merchant services and payment processing companies, such as Amazon, Square, Elavon and others, now offer their merchant customers the ability to receive payouts via real-time payments over the RTP network. Merchant payment processors work with businesses in retail, healthcare, restaurants, auto repair, home repair (handyman, plumbers, electricians), home services (dog walkers, housekeeping, landscaping) and more.

Now, with real-time payments over the RTP® network, merchants can receive their funding with a tap of a button no matter the day or time. The result is a seamless transfer process that removes friction and allows merchants to improve cash flow by receiving their money immediately.